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Thank You!

Dave presenting donation check

This image taken of me giving the proceeds to Linda Culpepper this morning. One of the wonderful volunteers who help run the Laingsburg Food Bank.

I have a sign by the mailbox that states, "If you enjoy the light show, please donate to the Laingsburg Food Bank". Obviously many of you must have enjoyed the light show, and because of you, we have turned over all proceeds and then some, in the amount of $3500 to the Laingsburg Food Bank. I can't Thank YOU all enough for your support. Especially this year given the increased need due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where do we give you our donations?

There is a 7 foot tall Candy Cane attached to the mailbox post. It has a money slot at about eye level that has a flashing strobe light to help draw attention to where to drop your donation. It is lit up between songs so as to not distract during a show song. All donations received will be presented to the Food Bank when the shows have concluded for the year.

Thank You Very Much for your donations.

For those of you who dropped off a check, it should be deposited soon and a receipt should arrive in your mailbox soon.

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