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Last Years 2019 Show Donations

I have a sign by the mailbox that states, "If you enjoy the light show, please donate to the Laingsburg Food Bank". Obviously many of you must have enjoyed the light show, because of you, we raised $930 to give to the Laingsburg Food Bank. At the first opportunity I will turn over the $930 to Dr. Marsha Brandon who is helping to oversee the operation of the Laingsburg Food Bank. If the opportunity arises don't hesitate to give Thanks to her for all she does. On a side note. I ran into the Chairman of the Laingsburg Food Bank, Bill Dodge yesterday. He said that they provided 44,000 meals to those in need last year.

Web Donations

Because I've been asked and for those of you who might be wondering I've decide NOT to accept PayPal donations through this web page. The idea behind collecting money for the Food Bank, is to maximize the donation amount, which should not lessened by the collection process.

In-Person Donations

So the best idea I've come up with for helping the Laingsburg Food Bank is with the large Candy Cane attached to the mailbox post. It has a money slot and donations will be collected nightly. All donations will be presented to the Food Bank when the shows have concluded for the year. This occurs just after the first of the New Year typically.

Thank You Very Much for your donations. Hearing the Thank You's is most appreciated. But your donations do help to keep me motivated.

Of course you can make your donations direct to the Food Bank yourself. We Thank You in advance if you do so.

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This page was last updated on January 17, 2020