2020 Show Schedule

Shows are identical and repeat continously at the present time. In the future, there may be more than one show with different songs/sequences playing. So check this webpage for current information if your making a special visit.

Shows start on Friday night following Thanksgiving Day.

I'll try not to shut down the show until after New Years Day.

But no guarantee. The weather will be an important factor in how long they run!

If it's cold they may run longer. If it's warm it most likely will be shut down sooner.

Starting show times are as follows:

     Sunday thru Thursday shows start at 5:30pm and run until 9:30pm - 10:00pm.

     Friday and Saturday shows start at 5:30pm and run until 10:30pm - 11:00pm.

A complete show will run approximately 30 mintues before repeating.

If heavy rains fall, there is a possibility that one or more props may cease to function, and it's not entirely impossible for the entire show to cease to function due to GFCI's tripping.

Tune your car radio to  100.1  FM

While your watching -  PLEASE  turn OFF your headlights.
It is very ANNOYing to have headlights shining into your car while watching the show.

If there are other cars traversing the road while your watching you may want to leave your parking lights on as a safety precaution.

Viewing Tips

In order to make the viewing experience enjoyable for everyone we ask that:

  • You Please be respectful and courteous to our friends and neighbors and do not block traffic or driveways, park or walk on anyone's lawn, blow horns or play your radio loudly.

  • You PLEASE turn off your headlights when watching the display and leave your parking lights on if other vehicles are traversing the roadway.

  • While your watching -  PLEASE  turn your headlights  OFF  

  • Due to the  HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY  that runs our display, and the maze of electrical cords and electrical displays, it's important that you and/or your children 

    DO NOT ENTER THE YARD  under any circumstances.

  • Please know that this display utilizes STROBE LIGHTS if that creates a health issue for you.



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This page was last updated on February 28, 2020