Light-O-Rama Version 2 Sequences

Even though I've been doing this since 2008, There are many individuals who have come before me. They made their sequences available to not only me, but thousands of others as well. I have been able to learn from them and at the same time, save countless hours by not having to reinvent the wheel. I extend a Thank You to all of those who have shared without profit. Of course there are those who are using sequences they have obtained from others and doing so with the intent of selling them and making a profit at the expense of others. This is why I have made my modified sequences available to others. To minimize the profit by those who don't deserve to profit. My sequences are copyrighted. You may use them for personal display use. If you wish to use them commercially as in a display where you charge others to view them, or sell them, you must enter into a licensing agreement with me. I will not profit from them. I will contribute all money received from the sale of my modified sequences to charities of my choice. To contact me, use the contact link or questions link on the main webpage.

I'm still using Light-O-Rama Sequencer Version 2. These sequences use anywhere from 13-20 controllers (208-320channels) this year (2017). Not all of the sequences available here are setup to use all channels. Nearly all use a single track with multiple channels. They do not share a single Channel Configuration (LCC) file as much as I wish they did. I'm constantly making changes to improve them. You WILL have to modify these sequences for your particular channel layout as I have done. I'm sorry but I can't help you with that. I will attempt to answer questions if I know the answers, but I can tell you I'm no expert by any means.

The controllers channel layouts can be found here

To download a sequence, link to the desired LOR sequence by clicking on the link or RIGHT mouse clicking on the link, select and click on "Save Target As....". Choose the folder name where you wish to place the file and choose the filename you wish to call this sequence. These sequences are not protected and can be modified. They are of the vintage Lightorama Showtime S2 type. The download is for the lms file only! No audio file is supplied.

As indicated above. Downloads of these LOR sequences do not include the audio file. Unless the authors / producers of music make their music available to the public without profit, they need to be purchased. Some of these authors / producers depend on their music in order to put food on their table and keep a roof over their heads. So therefore I purchase a cd or the sound track of any and all audio files I utilize in my display (with one exception - and only because I haven't been able to locate a source from which to purchase it yet)

I refuse to debate copyright and fair use - do what you feel is right.

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